Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Perpetual Motion, Machines that never ever stop running without the use of batteries or any external power source

Perpetual motion is the action of let's say a propeller that never stops spinning without any motor or propulsion system of today's modern world making it spin. To use simple understanding of weight and measure, magentic principles and free energy systems of nature based science, the perfect motor (perpetual motion) is created. Like the Earth which is in perpetual motion, a motor in perpetual operation can only stop working when it's parts wear out. Instead of spending hundreds of man hours inventing new destructive methods of powering the Earth and it's current machines. One design of perpetual motion is all we need to base others on to power the Earth with motors which operate with planetary motion creating rotation and movement without the burning of fossil fuels and other fuels.

Several perpetual mobiles have been built already, yet we still do not see in the world today an engine that uses this technology which is the best technology for motors and for powering devices. Why search for other 2nd best or 3rd when the 1st best way is Free, eternal in power, and non polluting. We all need to wake up and stop turning away from reality because this is reality not the current train of thought in the world today in regards to technology and energy. It is an illusion which will never lead back to the health of our bodies and our planet. Continually avoiding reality is never going to be a fruitful venture no matter how hard we try.